week of 10th June 2012

I was hoping that now the kitten is a year old he would calm down, I know I still like to play and chase but I know when I am pushing my luck but he is just all cheek. Sunday morning he chased me and instead of stopping just short of me and standing still whilst I scream and growl he actually jumped on me and tried to kick me. Luckily my housemate picked him up before I turned nasty!!!!

We had three attempts on Sunday to spend time together and then my housemate went out for the afternoon. I think she was fed up telling him to behave, when she sits with us and gives us treats or plays with both of us at the same time he is fine but the minute she leaves us alone he chases me.

On Sunday night he was allowed out of his room, I slept on my window mat but twice he came right up to me so I growled and hissed. My housemate told him to go and play but did not put him in his room so when he chased me at 3am I ran across the bed and over my housemate. When she did not get up I ran back over her, I don’t think she minded me running over her but the 20lb kitten wouldn’t have been fun.

The end result – Marley was put in the living room so I snuggled up with my housemate. On Monday night I sat at the french doors and annoyed him just to make sure he knows who is the real boss. Thankfully he was in his room on Monday night so I snuggled up to my housemate all night and we had several long cuddles during the night.

Since then I have had to put up with about the house all evening but I have had my bed to myself all night so I can cuddle my housemate as much as I want. I think she realises that I am a cuddly night cat and he is a noisy boisterous boy cat who does not understand that we like to sleep.

All week he has taken a liking to a soft toy that my housemate keeps in her bed , he keeps going up to her bedroom and bringing the toy downstairs. Each time she takes it back  upstairs he brings it back down. I’m not sure why he likes it I think he is just a strange cat. I am not sure whether I should develop a wee quirk to make me cute or whether to just rely on my beauty and charm.

Although even I chuckle when I see him walk around the house with a soft toy in his mouth. It is a pity he spoils it by chasing me!!!!

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