week of 17th June 2012

On Sunday the weather was quite good so I spent time in the garden, when I looked in the french doors I saw the kitten trying to catch a fly, he did not seem to know that he could not travel through glass. Silly silly boy.

On Sunday night he was given his freedom, I sat in the bedroom window and he cuddled into my housemate, I waited for him to do his usual sprint around the house at 4am so that he would be shut in the living room but he did not do it. I was sure at 4:20 am he would start running around with his toys but he just settled himself under the bed. I took my chance and jumped on the bed and had a cuddle.

He did not chase me at all, this made three days in a row without being chased, things were looking up. That was all to change on Monday evening, I realised it was all just a false sense of security. I lay on my housemate’s pillow having a wash whilst she ran a bath, then suddenly from nowhere there was a large kitten standing on me, boy did I squeal, my housemate came in the room and he ran down to the living room- so I got the bed to myself – well I shared it with my housemate.

Tuesday night I figured he would be free again so I climbed up on top of the bookcase, all I could hear was the over-sized kitten running about at high speed around the living room, I think he must have knocked a few things over because I heard some loud noises and then my housemate said things likeĀ ‘ did you have to do that? ‘ and ‘suppose that needs to go in the bin now’ and then there was a ‘thanks for that Bob’ which means that he did something dopey because that is when he gets his first name- ( Bob Marley!!!)

On Wednesday evening I could not be bothered going out, I almost caught a mouse but then I heard a fox on the other side of the fence. I ran in the house and we watched the fox walk along the railway tracks so I just stayed in for the evening.

After her bath my housemate sat on her bed and put some funny looking stickers on her nails, I think she wanted to make them look tortoiseshell like me. The kitten was getting in the way, I don’t know why she puts up with him.

He chewed the nail file, chewed the packet the stickers were in, bit her hands as she smoothed the stickers on and then ran off with the nail file. I thought she would put him back downstairs so I sat in the window watching, ready to help at a moments notice. He was a total nuisance, reading Dalai Lama books seems to have made her even more patient. I would have helped her if sh eput him out of the way, I would have held the nail file, helped her take the stickers off the backing paper and I would have smoothed the stickers down.

Instead he was allowed out all night, but he did not disappoint this time, 3:55am and he jumped up on the bed and pounced all over my housemate. He bit her feet, jumped on her stomach and then licked her face. I wondered how long she would allow him to be wild and she managed longer than I thought, but the good thing is by the time he realised that he was back in the living room I was lying on the bed having a good wash.

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