week of 24th June 2012

On Sunday my housemate when out whilst the F1 was on, this is very unusual so I had to wait until 11pm to watch it. What a shame for Lewis Hamilton, I still hope that this is his year. The boy cat does not really watch F1, he really he is strange sometimes, he preferred to run around like the RoadRunner.

On Monday my housemate was home late, well it was after 8pm anyway so I just came in when she did and we played upstairs in the bedroom. The boy looked on but did not chase me and even though he was not a total pest I was glad when my housemate put him back in his room and I had the bed to myself. This meant that when I woke up for my first birthday on Tuesday there was no kitten to annoy me.

I got a new water fountain for my birthday, I am not sure of it yet it is a Hagin Catit water fountain and is nice in blue and white. The water runs down the outside of the fountain but I just drink out of the bowl at the moment. I am a timid cat so I will need to watch it some more before I try it.

I also got a nice peacock feather to play with which is great fun. It tastes really nice and moves very fast. Of course I am faster and as you can see I managed to catch it.






It was great to play for two nights in a row without being chased by the kitten, I struggle with calling him kitten because he is a giant. It was even better when he went down to eat his dinner and he was shut in the living room. On Wednesday night I was hoping that it would be three nights in a row without him, but that would have been too good to be true.

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