week of 27th May 2012

Well what can I say, one minute I was having a cuddle and the next I was in a cat basket, in the car and heading towards the cattery. Our housemate was very apologetic about having to leave us for a couple of weeks but it did not stop her dropping us off and then heading to Thailand.

I have seen the photos and I understand why she wanted to go but who said it was okay to leave us in a cattery. The couple who own the place are very nice and friendly and I have no complaints apart from the fact that I was there and not at home.

It was good to have no giant size kitten run around after me but I did not have my double bed, my window seat, my garden nor the endless supply of mice that I have discovered. But lets not get caught up in the negatives, on Sunday my housemate picked us up, we are home, we have been spoilt and Big Foot has not chased me so perhaps the kitten is growing up. I still growl at him if he comes near me but he has been a bit poorly so he has been cuddling my housemate and leaving me alone.

I have caught countless mice since being home, one was enormous or should that be enor-mouse? Even by Friday the novelty had not warn off

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