week of 3rd June 2012

On Saturday night I am happy to say the boy was shut in the living room, but don’t feel sorry for him he has just about every cat toy on the market in there with him. The good thing is that I get to share the bed with my housemate. I woke her up several times during the night so that she realised the benefits of Marley being in his room.

On Sunday morning we had a lovely long cuddle, I purred my little socks off so that she knew I was happy. We went down and I popped outside to check my garden whilst she fed the boy and cleaned his dirt tray. I am so glad that I am allowed outside, just in case the boy thought he was getting special treatment I sat at the french doors and stretched out along the decking. I was taking in the sun and pretending that I could not see him trying to hit me through the glass.

On Sunday night he was back in his room by about 2am, that will teach him for chasing me. I slept cuddled into my housemate, she must by now realise that we are both much happier when Marley is in the living room.

On Monday morning I helped my housemate sort out her Thailand postcards, we put them into a photo frame. There were a couple of postcards which I thought were not that great so I chewed the corners off them so that they could not be used.

Obviously my help was appreciated because my housemate then printed off some photos and updated her photo frame. She used to keep the frame at work but now it is in the spare room. I checked to make sure that she had my best side and that there were not too many photos of Marley.

On Tuesday morning I was out hunting and brought a lovely athletic mouse into the garden, unfortunately for me my housemate spotted me and picked me up and the mouse legged it into nextdoor’s garden. My housemate put me back down when I started to struggle so I went straight after the mouse and caught it but my housemate came after me. She let the mouse go again and this time carried me back into my garden, I pretended to struggle so that she would cuddle me and then play. I chased a stick fr quite a while but then her phone started singing the Banana Splits so it was the end of the game.

My housemate then went back to work on Wednesday so I had peace from the boy and I made sure that I rubbed it in that I had my freedom. However come Saturday my housemate had him outside on a lead, he seemed to like it but he was also a bit scared at the same time. I ran around the garden out of his reach but he must have decided it was pay back time when we got in because he chased me three times.

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