week of 1st July 2012

Sunday started well, the boy was in he living room and my housemate and I had a lie in, we sat in bed and listened to the radio. My housemate was reading, I’m not sure what is wrong with just sitting and contemplating with your eyes shut.

The boy then made a racket down stairs, my housemate went down to check on him but I just stayed in bed, I was all nice and relaxed until the boy came charging up onto the bed and 90 miles an hour. I ran down the stairs and bolted out the cat flap.

He came to the french doors, I was on the railing watching and a neighbourhood cat walked up and they started fighting through the french doors. The neighbourhood cat realised that he could not hit the boy through the glass, however the kitten kept trying, it was amusing to watch. He did not give up until the other cat walked away


Maine Coon cats are supposed to be intelligent so I am not sure what happened with this kitten, out smarted by a moggie, I hope he is embarrassed but some how I don’t think he noticed.

For two nights we shared my housemate during the night, I had the bedroom window and he was under the duvet. He also had total freedom but I chose to stay out of his reach but then on Wednesday night I decided to plant myself on the pillow next to my housemate. Every time he jumped up beside me I growled and my housemate took him to the other side of the bed.

I don’t think she enjoyed being woken up all night because on Thursday night he was back where he should have been all along- in his room. I thought this was now agreed, I have the bedroom, he has the living room and then we can both have peaceful nights but then on Friday night he was free again. Friday night was not my favourite, he chased me when I went down to eat my dinner but luckily I jumped on the kitchen surface and my dinner was waiting there for me.

I have perfected the art of eating and growling at the same time so that he keeps his distance. He chased me again just after 6:30am but luckily my housemate woke up and fed him in his room. We then sat with the back door open and watched the rain fall, we both like doing this, I think, well I do at least.

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