week of 22nd July 2012

I have been trying to make the most of the good weather but it is frustrating that one minute you can have a catnap in the sun and the next it is pouring. I have done my ‘drowned rat’ impersonation several times this week.

I have been outside more so my diary is not as up to date as it could be. The boy had been behaving himself for a while but things took a turn for the worse- he has been sitting on my window bed in my bedroom that I share with my housemate. It smells of him so it had to be washed.

As if that was not enough, he started chasing me again and even though I growled and my housemate put him in his room he kept on. I think she should but a spray bottle, the upstart needs a lesson but he is twice the size of me.

On Tuesday night I stayed outside all night, it was a first for me. My housemate came out to look for me several times and just before 4am she chased about half a dozen foxes out of the front garden.¬†At 6:30am I was sitting in the neighbours garden when my housemate shouted me in. I got a lot of cuddles and i purred my socks off. I came in before 9pm on Wednesday night and had my housemate all to myself for Wednesday night and Thursday night. We shared the bed, I had the lion’s share because I am related to a lion!

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