week of 8th July 2012

Sunday was a nice day, I spent a lot of time outside hunting but I had to be careful because there was a female fox and her cub walking along the railway track at the bottom of the garden. I have out run her several times, twice my housemate let me in quickly before the fox noticed, but usually I am fast enough without help. Of course I am a smart cat so I never turn down a helping hand if it keeps my nine lives in tact. 

On Monday my housemate was home from work on time so I met her car, said my hellos, had my cuddles and went straight back to hunting. I like it when it has been raining during the day but it is nice and sunny in the evening. The birds come down to look for worms and our grass is long enough for me to hide in.  I didn’t bother catching any birds on Monday, I opted for the cat food.

On Monday night the boy was allowed to roam around the house, I claimed the bed but he jumped up several times but I just growled and he knew to move. I decided to go and sleep in the bedroom window and he climbed under the duvet. I looked on wishing I had not moved but then he bit my housemate’s elbow- twice! The second time he did not let go- talk about biting the hand that feeds you- it looked sore.

After that all I could hear was him purring, he sounds like a diesel engine when he starts. He sounded very comfortable so I thought I had a chance to pop down to the kitchen to eat some dinner, but I was only on the second stair when I heard him jump out of bed. He managed to get a chunk of my fur as he made a swipe but he was put back in the living room and I ate my dinner and then took the bed back.

On Thursday I had peace again because he was in the living room and I was on the bed- it was bliss and I had a nice gentle purr to let my housemate know I was happy.

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