week of 29th July 2012

Sunday was a nice day, I played outside whilst my housemate watched F1, I hope she does not think I am a jinx as I did not watch it with her and Lewis Hamilton won. Once they are back racing I’ll watch it again to show that I am a very lucky cat and that this was poor coincidence. After the race we worked in the garden, she weeded the patio and I rolled around it to check it was smooth enough.

Just to show I appreciated her work I went away and caught a mouse for her, we played for a while but then she did some kind of magic trick and hid the mouse from me. I was not that bothered as I was getting a bit hungry anyway so I went in for my tea.

On Tuesday night I had a mouse sitting for her in the kitchen but she just put it in the bin, so on Wednesday night I left a bigger mouse for her but again it was just put in the bin. I wondered if maybe she preferred them when they were still able to jump around so on Thursday I brought home a live mouse I put it on the kitchen floor so we could play but I could see from her face that she was not in the mood for playing. I picked the mouse up quickly and ran back out of the cat flap with my mouse.

She came outside with me but I took no chances and took the mouse into our neighbour’s garden and played there. Once the mouse gave up on me I went off to find a more impressive specimen and took my housemate home a really big mouse. I was given loads of cuddles and was told how clever I was and then the mouse was packed up and put in the bin just the same.

On Friday night I decided that I would not bring home any presents and that was probably a good idea as I still got loads of cuddles and everything was great until 7:30am on Saturday. I was on my housemate’s bed having a cuddle when Bigfoot jumped up behind me and hit me, I was just quick enough to jump out of his way and my housemate caught him and held him until I sprinted out of the room. I wish he would settle down!

On Saturday evening he was like a tornado going through the house, he kept taking things from my housemate and running upstairs with them and then he knocked the tall plant over. The mud was all over the floor and he started playing in it, he was so happy- my housemate did not seem to enjoy it as much.

We had peace through the night because he was in his room, I woke my housemate up at 4am so I could have a cuddle. I did not want her to think that it was only Big Foot who could wake her up during the night,

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