week of the 12th August 2012

I have been trying to get used to the Maine Coon kitten which invaded my house almost a year ago. I call him a kitten because he is now coming up on 15 months old but he weighs about 19 lbs and towers above me.

He wants to sniff me when I sit still and chase me when I move. I do enjoy a new game where I sit outside the french doors and he throws himself at the glass- I think it must hurt a little bit but he doesn’t give up. I don’t want to sound sexist but he is a typical boy. When I am fed up watching him I jump on the railing and show him some of my acrobatics, I can turn around and face the other way without a hair out of place.

On Monday I decided that it was too wet to wait outside for my housemate to come home from work so I sat in the bedroom window, Usually I meet her car and walk in the front door with her so I am always first for a cuddle but I wondered if she would see me at the window. I didn’t wait to find out I met her at the front door and still got the first cuddle.

On Tuesday I left a mouse in the kitchen so that she knew that I was the clever one but it did not quite go as planned because the kitten still got to spend the night out of his room. Then at 4am he chased me around the house so I jumped on my housemate for protection. Luckily she woke up very quickly and he was put back in his room, he got a plate of food which I’m not sure he deserved but I got one too so I still spent the rest of the night cuddling her.

Wednesday night he was in his room, but he was allowed out the rest of the week and it went without incident until the Saturday morning, It was about 6am when I thought I would check if the flap was open yet, I forgot that when he is out of the living room the flap is locked. He ran downstairs behind me and used his giant frame to block me in the kitchen. Well you have never heard howling and hissing like it- I let him know he could not get any closer.

My housemate came down the stairs and he was put in his room and I was allowed out. I came back in about 8am for breakfast and then jumped up on my housemate’s bed for a cuddle, He stood up behind me- his feet on the floor and his head nearly touching the ceiling and hit me a sore one. He got shouted at for the first time becauseĀ I think that is the first time he has really tried to hurt me.

He got a shock and looked hurt, he was put in his room for an hour but when my housemate when back down to him I could tell she felt sorry for him. He looked hurt and needed a lot of reassurance- I just hope he has learnt,

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