week of the 19th August 2012

Being shouted at had no affect on the kitten, he is a maine coon and is supposed to be a gentle giant, he has the giant bit off to a tee but the gentle bit needs more work. On  Sunday morning he chased me downstairs but once I was on the kitchen surface I started hissing and howling and he stayed on the floor.

I keep hoping that he will understand my princess status and leave me alone but no such luck yet. My housemate went out early on the Sunday morning and since he was in the living room I decided to stay in bed. I have been busy hunting and playing and felt it was time for  a long lie. I had my breakfast in bed before my housemate went out and as a thank you I brought her a mouse in and left it on the kitchen floor.

On Tuesday I brought her a bird in, I left most of its feather on this time in case this would get it put up for decoration but it just ended up in the bin with the others. She must have liked it though because we had chicken for tea.

On Wednesday my housemate was home from work before 7pm and this was three days in a row which was great. It meant I had time to cuddle and play before skipping back out before the cat flap locks just before 9pm. The boy was out and about the house as well and we have now had three days where he has got too close for my liking but there has been `no chasing or hitting.

On Thursday evening I was not at all pleased, he has been sitting on my window mat in my bedroom- he knows his mat is in the living room window I thought I had already made it clear to him that this is not allowed. I sat on my housemate’s bed and looked sad so I got extra Whiska’s Temptations – they are my favourites. I have noticed that when the kitten does not chase me he gets the treats too.

On Saturday I did not stay out long  in the morning and found my housemate on her bed with the laptop so I lay on the pillow next to her. The kitten came and sat on the bed too, I let out a warning growl and he stayed the other side of my housemate. I don’t think that he has stopped totally but at least we can have some peace

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