week of the 5th August 2012

On Sunday I brought a mouse home to show that I am the clever cat and I was given a lovely cuddle but the mouse was disposed of so I decided that I would stay at home for a while and have some more cuddles. Whilst the boy was in the living room that was great but then he was allowed out to play and he chased me again so I shot out of the flap.

I sat on the decking and he tried to jump at me through the glass so I sat closer to annoy him after a while he got bored so I went and sat on the shed roof to see what else I could catch.

On Tuesday morning I brought a bird home, my housemate was upstairs so I ran up and told her all about the bird. She came downstairs and walked past by bird and tried to offer me some cat food. Then she turned around and saw the feathers everywhere and noticed the bird.  I got a lovely big cuddle but still the bird went into the bin. I don’t know why she doesn’t put them up on the bookcase beside the cards she gets, surely for sentimental reasons she should show off the gift for a few days- unless she thinks that the boy would play with it.

On Thursday night the boy spent the night in his room because he has been chasing me again this week so I slept on the bed on a pillow that my housemate usually puts under her knees. On Friday when my housemate got home from work we were all happily playing together until he chased me, jumped on me and tried to bite me. My housemate shouted at him and put him back in the living room. Then my housemate came outside with me and we both sat on the decking, we had a chair each whilst she read her book and drank her tea. Boy sat at the door crying.

I then went off playing and did not come home until midnight and my housemate was lying on her bed reading but she had the pillow under her knees so when she had finished cuddling me I cried until she gave me the pillow to sleep on. As a reward I brought a bird home whilst she was out shopping but I took most of the feathers off it to see if that would win it a place on the book case, but it didn’t.

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