week of 2nd September 2012

There seems to be less mice in the garden these days, I think it is because of all the rain. The mice have probably jumped in their boats and sailed down the road. The birds are still visiting the garden but they are not as much fun as a mouse. With a bird you have to take it in the house if you want to throw it about and still haveĀ a chance of catching it again and my housemate does not seem to rate this as a good game and she keeps letting the bird back out.

When it comes to mice a whole evening can be spent throwing a mouse around, sometimes I like to catch two mice and jump from one to the other. This way the game lasts a lot longer and I test my agility.

The boy can only watch me through the french doors and look on longingly as I show off my prowess and hunting skills. This does not make up for the way he chases me around the house but it helps.

I had three days where my housemate made sure that she was in the same room as us and although he came a bit too close to me for my liking he did not chase me. We both got lots of Whiskas Temptations- I love them- and I was beginning to think he had outgrown chasing me.

Then I was asleep on the pillow next to my housemate when he decided that he wanted to be on the bed too. I did my usual growling and gave a little warning hiss expecting him to back off but he did not. My housemate sat up and gave us both a cuddle and he sat at the bottom of the bed and had a wash. The danger seemed to be over but I did not like him being on the bed with us, I figured if I fell asleep it would only take one leap and he would get me again. So I jumped down and made my way to the window so I could sleep on the windowsill.

He jumped on me in one leap so I ran downstairs, he followed closely behind me so I jumped on the kitchen worktop. He lay across the floor at the door so I was trapped in the kitchen. I made lots of noise so that my housemate would save me and just as she should she came down and caught him and put him in the living room. I was safe again so I went upstairs to bed.

On Thursday night he was shut in the living room so I slept all cuddled up with my housemate all night, but this was short lived because on Friday night he was out and about all night again. The night when fine but on Saturday morning he was back chasing me again.

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