week of 9th September 2012

On Sunday morning my housemate was watching the qualifying of the Formula 1, when I looked through the french doors the boy was lying on the couch beside her so I stayed out and played. I went back over once the race had started but he was still cuddled up with her so I just went in to get some dinner. I was very pleased that my housemate stopped watching the TV to freshen up my dinner but since it was dry out I decided to go back out to play.

I came back when the race was finished, I could tell by her face that Lewis had won and the boy was bouncing about upstairs- he is no Tigger because he is all legs , he’s not stripey and he doesn’t sing so I was not impressed!!! I went to sit in the living room because I felt it was my turn to cuddle up with my housemate.

I had a great wash and then enjoyed a good snore, the boy stayed upstairs so everything was sweet. My housemate was reading some book about meditation so I didn’t bother reading over her shoulder, second to my hunting prowess has to be my ability to maintain a dignified pose and concentrate on nothing so there was no need for me to learn anything.

On Sunday and Monday night the boy was allowed to roam the house and he left me alone until about 5:30 am on Tuesday morning. He had a noisy toy and was jumping about on my housemate in her bed so I thought I could go down to the kitchen and have a snack. It was not a good call because he leapt on me as I jumped out of the window and I had to run downstairs, turn around on the spot and rush back upstairs before he realised where I was. I am glad he can’t quite work his legs because he was about three foot behind me all the way.

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