diary for the week of 30th September 2012

My housemate is spending more time meditating now, she listens to a CD whilst sitting with her eyes closed. I am not sure why she is getting someone to talk her through breathing and feeling, if she was a cat this would all come so naturally.

I can sit for hours, just being in the moment, no thought for the mouse I have played with and left in the grass outside and no worrying about whether big foot is going to chase me in the future. When he is chasing me I worry about him catching me but when I am in my dignified position I am in the moment- or sleeping- it might be difficult to notice the difference. Either way I am in the here and now and would thoroughly recommend it.

On Wednesday my housemate was working from home, she had papers out all over the bed and was using a laptop. It was not her usual laptop it was an old noisy one that I was not allowed to sit on so I think it might have belonged to her work. I lay on the pillow and got myself nice and comfy, the boy lay at the other end of the bed and we had no problems. I slept, he slept and my housemate worked. It seemed a good day and I figured that at last he had got the message.

Thursday can be a long day because my housemate does not come home until 10pm and sometimes the boy is bored from being in his room all day. Usually I know I am in for a time of it from him- unless my housemate blows bubbles for him or amuses him for quite a while. However he did not chase me, he left me alone for a few days- right up until the Saturday night/ Sunday morning at 6am when he ran down the stairs after me when I went to check the cat flap- luckily my housemate was in hot pursuit and he ran into the room. My housemate and I went back to bed and cuddled until after 9am- unheard of in our house but it was great.

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