week of 14th October 2012


My housemate has been off work for a few days so we have had some extra attention, it has meant the boy has spent more time out of his room but I am keeping him at bay by growling and he usually walks away. This morning at just after 4am he jumped on the bed so I growled and I think he would have bitten me if my housemate had not given him a little push off the bed.

He kept staring at me, I think he thought it was me who pushed him so I thought that hopefully he will not mess with in a hurry but no such luck. We got up early to watch the F1 but I did not enjoy it, I am a Lewis Hamilton fan so I did was not impressed with the result.

On Monday morning just after 5am the boy moved up the bed and sat about a foot away from me- and I mean a foot not a paw on this occasion. I started growling but he sat smiling so my housemate did not seem to mind, she gave us both a cuddle as if everything was all right but it was not. He sidled closer, luckily she was watching because he smile became a mouth ready to bite and before he knew it he was back in his room. He is a maine coon and supposed to be a gentle giant, at 18kg he has mastered the giant but this gentle notion needs revisited.

I then had the bed to myself- sorry my housemate had a corner of it but you know what I mean. I went outside for a while; we had both been fed so I came back in to eat my breakfast. Boy was still in his room so my housemate and I cuddled until about 8am and then he was allowed back up.

The three of us spent most of the day on the bed, my housemate was reading and we were sleeping. She put on her meditation CD for a while, I don’t understand why she needs the CD surely she can just copy us. Meditation comes so easy, sometimes we let the dignified position slip a bit but we are happy in the moment. No point in thinking about the mice that have got away or the birds waiting to be caught- life each second in the moment.

I tried to show her this worthwhile philosophy on Friday morning, I bought a mouse in as it was too cold to play with it outside, but it got away from me and ran behind the woodwork at the foot of the stairs. My housemate heard me try to dismantle the facing and she helped by taking the wood off. I was head and shoulders in the moulding but the mouse was just out of reach and in the cavity wall insulation. I tried hard to get it back out but then I decided why worry and went back out to get another mouse. Why bother fretting about the one that got away, if it comes out to eat I will catch it.

I think my housemate is more of a worrier because she put the facing back on and taped up the gap the mouse has used. Of course this could be to ensure that when I bring the next mouse in it does not get away from me.

On Saturday morning I tried to repay her kindness by leaving the toilet roll alone whilst she was showering. It is one of my favourite games, so instead I showed how easy washing can be just a lick here and there, no shower gel, shampoo or towelling but she was ages. She was washing her hair and then rinsing it but by the time she was putting a towel on her hair I could not help it.

 What can I say, I am a maine coon,  it was fun and no animals were hurt in the making of this film.

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