week of 16th September 2012

The boy is spending more time out of his room these days so I have claimed my place on my housemate’s bed at night time. I sleep on the pillow beside  my housemate and if he comes within three feet of me I howl as loud as I can. Luckily my housemate wakes up at the same time as I howl so I do not need to do very much.

On Tuesday night he was put in his room just after  2am which was great because that meant I could sprawl out along the bed and snuggle in to my housemate. I can sleep better when he is out of the way because although he chases me less he still keeps walking up to me for a sniff and he is HUGH!!!! I’m sure baby elephants have smaller feet than him- and they probably control them better too. Cats are supposed to be agile and athletic, always landing on their feet but this monster falls over, runs into things and forgets to stop when the door is closed.

The mice are playing hard to get these days and I choose to play with them in the garden these days because my housemate keeps releasing them back in to the wild. I don’t understand her compassion towards rodents, I do all the hard work and all I get is a pat on the head and a “clever girl” or “well done” but you can’t throw a “well done” in the air and squash it with a paw or see how far it can get from you before you land on it.

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