week of 23rd September 2012

The boy is spending more and more time out of┬áhis room now, sometimes we both sit on my housemate’s bed whilst she reads. I go to sleep but believe me one eye is always ready to open because I do not trust him. He has taken to creeping up on me and trying to sniff me so I pounce on my housemate and growl so that she knows he is pushing his luck again.

I have decided that since it is getting colder and it is now obvious that he is here to stay that I will make the most of it. I was spending a lot of time outside but now I come home and run the gauntlet with my housemate. I know she has my back and she will not let him get me.

The habit has been I sit quietly, he sits quietly: I think he is not looking so I make a run for it. He springs to life and chases me, housemate gets up and follows us (it is not really chasing as she does not keep up with us) and then he runs back upstairs and hides under the bed. My housemate then does her stuff and the next minute that big lump of hairball is in his room.

However he now chases me, my housemate trails behind and he hears her coming and just goes back to his room so I think he knows that chasing means room I just wish he would stop the chasing.

I have a new toy, it is a peacock feather on a long string, it is fun but when you bite it you end up with a mouth of tiny feathers. It disintegrates in to a thousand pieces, you would not believe the mess you can make.

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