diary for the week of 28th October 2012

Our Sunday morning lie in did not happen today, boy did not get put back in the living room which I found most upsetting but it was not too bad because he went to sleep in the spare room and my housemate and I washed out the bathroom, changed the bed- one of my favourite jobs and washed the windows. I love jumping inside the quilt cover and fluff up the corners. I also like to sprawl across the bed whilst my housemate puts the sheet on the mattress around me. It is usually a Saturday job but it has been a Sunday job today and then I had a nap whilst my housemate lay on the bed playing games on the laptop.

I popped downstairs for some dinner and when I came back up the Boy decided it was chase time again, just in case my housemate had not realised what he was doing I ran into our room and ran across her lap.  The boy is not the smartest and he followed at my heels and my housemate caught him, unfortunately she just gave him a cuddle told him to leave her wee girl alone and let him go again. I was on the window ledge at this point and noticed that the rain was off so I jumped down so that I could go out. He chased me again so I pulled the same trick again I ran across my housemate, he ran across my housemate and he was caught. This time she carried him downstairs, opened the door for me and took him in the living room. I peeked through the French doors to see what would happen and he got groomed and got his claws cut. I was very happy but it was short lived.

I came home with a mouse; it was dead so it was put in the bin before I had finished playing with it. My housemate made some comment about the wet grass mucking up my fur, but fed me and I thought nothing of it but then I realised what she meant. We had three different brushes and the scissors. I howled and yelped, even though I knew it would feel better with the knots taken out I was not giving in easily. It was twenty minutes of my life that I will never get back and I was exhausted, not too tired to eat my Whiska’s Temptations though.

On Monday she did it again but too my tummy- it was well knotted. Luckily there was more cutting the knots out rather than trying to brush them out. I growled but more for effect really I knew it was going to get done and that I would get my treats. On Thursday my house mate worked at home, this involved my laptop sitting there playing music whilst she typed away on her work laptop. The boy was at the foot of the bed when I got in, for some reason he was ignoring all the papers and the laptop. I went to sit in the laptop and he went to hit me- well there’s a line and he crossed it, my laptop is my laptop and it is lovely and warm so I growled and hit him back. He had two more attempts at me, he missed but I didn’t I curled up on the laptop and the music stopped so I went to sleep.

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