diary for the week of 4th November 2012

Sunday was cleaning day again, this time I was not bothered that Marley was out and about because he has not come near me since I hit him back. He has just sat nearby, neither of us have liked the fireworks and the only way that we can both make sure we are safe is by being in the same room as my housemate- which is her bedroom because you can see the fireworks from all the other rooms.

Last night I went under the spare bed for a while and the boy lay about two foot away from me, he just slept which was a nice surprise. Of course I still growled so that my housemate would come and check on me but she just sat at the computer table for a while reading and then went back to her room.

Monday night turned out to be the loudest night of them all so we all slept on the bed again, my housemate is reading about Rod Stewart so we just listened to some music. She is still doing the meditation so at one point we all meditated together but the boy was snoring so I don’t think he was taking it seriously.

I was glad when the fireworks were over; I cannot see why anyone would want to make that much noise. I celebrated by catching a mouse but I was spotted trying to bring it in the house and was told to take it away again.

On Tuesday I was groomed again, it was back to the usual gentle brushing so I just grinned and bared it as they say. There were no scissors in her hand so I knew I would be all right. There are still a couple of knots on my tummy so I know that it isn’t over yet.rsz_dsc00249

On Thursday morning Marley had a mouse, it must have been one that got away from me but he gave it to my housemate as if he was some great hunter. I pretended not to care when he pushed it under the living room door, I think my housemate thought it was just one of his usual toys, he shoves them under the door whilst she makes her breakfast so that she will go and play with him. I was not bothered, I have given her lots of mice.


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