week of 21st October 2012

I like Sundays, we still get up at 6:15am, we have our breakfast, bigfoot is put in the living room and I eat mine in the kitchen. It usually involves me being chase down stairs first but I don’t mind because I know that once he is in the living room he will be shut in there for a while.

I pop outside to do my business and check my garden and then I head back home and back to bed, me and my housemate curl up and have a catnap. Usually Bigfoot runs around downstairs for a while but then he settle and the house is quiet for an hour. Them my housemate gets her breakfast and I head back outside if it is dry because I know that the pain is about to be released.

We can tolerate each other more these days, if I sit still he comes up for a sniff, I growl and he walks away. He always wants to race me and my housemate up or downstairs- I always win but he does beat my housemate most of the time. As maine coons we are fast, he is much bigger than me but I have the speed.

On Wednesday evening we were all sitting on the bed, I have my pillow beside my housemate and he has a cat bed on the bottom of the bed. It was mine until he claimed it but it’s okay he looks a big softie sleeping on a pink bed. My housemate was reading and did not notice him creep up the bed so I howled just to make sure she knew he was on the move, she jumped in the air and he jumped even higher. They both looked at me as I it was my fault but I know if I had been quiet he would have bitten me.

On Saturday morning we cleaned the kitchen together whilst Bigfoot was stuck on the kitchen floor. Every time he tried to jump up I growled so I was able to help whilst he had to watch. I enjoyed jumping between the surfaces but I got a bit of a fright when I realised that when he stood on his hind legs he could reach the surface. We then cleaned out the litter trays, I have not used mine for ages but he has no other option. I think they were both being washed because he had used mine last night, it certainly smelled as if he had, where are his manners?

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