diary for the week of 11th November 2012

We did our usual cleaning again on Sunday, this time I chased the cleaning cloth around the kitchen, my housemate made some comment about having to clean it all again when I had finished but I have no idea why- is she suggesting that my feet are not clean?

The boy was running around like the road runner again upstairs, he chased me twice during the night so at about 5:20 am my housemate put him in the living room. He cried for a while but I still managed to get to sleep.

On Sunday night I was asleep on the back of the couch and he was in his bed, my housemate suddenly got up asking ‘what have you got in there?’ he had another one of my mice, it was dead but he still seemed to like it. My housemate did her usual and put the mouse outside in the dustbin, he kept wandering around the living room looking for it. I thought it was a bit sad so I went outside to play.

On Wednesday we spent the evening on my housemate’s bed again, he doesn’t mind sharing my room but he still gives me a hard time if I go in the living room. He also does not like me getting a cuddle, but tough luck on that one I am not giving up my cuddles.

On Friday he was put in his room about 3am because he would not give me peace, every time I tried to go down and get some dinner he was chasing me, I would run back up to my housemate’s bed and he would run under it. On the third attempt he followed me on the bed an dmy housemate caught him.

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