diary for the week of 16th December 2012

Well what a week, my housemate spent the day in the house on Monday and I slept on her lap as she lay on the couch, she was reading but that was fine because all I had to do was put my head up in front of her book and I got lots of cuddles. Sometimes she thought I was ready to go back to sleep and would start reading again but that was fine I just put my head up again and the cuddling resumed.

On Tuesday we all sat in the living room and then we all went upstairs to wrap the Christmas presents, I could not find my present but believe me I made a thorough search. Big Foot learnt that sticky tape might be cheaper than wax but it is just as affective at hair removal. He howled but didn’t learn his lesson, he still kept sticky his nose and tail and shoulders and everything in the way. I was kind of hoping that she would wrap him up and give away to someone but no such luck.

All week we have had lots of cuddles, shared the bed at night times and the living room through the day. It is not all perfect, he still chases me when I try and walk up or down the stairs- or rather hurtle down the stairs at ninety miles an hour with a beast running behind me. On Saturday the Christmas decorations were put up, most of them out of reach of the boy cat, I still like to play but I am better behaved than him. He would not leave the fibre optic tree alone, he kept biting bits of it so it was stashed behind the TV and teddies were set up in front of it.

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