diary for the week of 18th November 2012

On Monday morning I was enjoying a cuddle on my housemate’s bed when the boy jumped up from the bottom of the bed. I growled but not quick enough and he bit my housemate, I am not sure if he was trying to bite me or whether he was trying to stop my housemate from cuddling me.

Either way it made no difference because the cuddle continued, he looked all meek and upset because he was left out. I couldn’t help but look a bit smug, it is bad enough that he does not like me in the living room but this is my room.

On Tuesday morning he tried it again but this time my housemate reacted quickly and used her other hand to shield us. Day three he tried again and this time the cuddle stopped and she took him downstairs to his room. I decided to eat my breakfast before I went outside, I put my head out of the cat flap but it was too cold for me. I like my garden but not that much.

On Wednesday night he must have been annoyed about being put in his room in the morning because he chased me up and downstairs several times. My housemate chased him upstairs after a while and he ran under the bed, then under my housemate’s bed and then on to the top bunk. My housemate picked him up whilst I hid under the bunk bed, she fell backwards over the clothes dryer and fell over with the boy in her arms. He ran downstairs and I ran after him I was not sure what would happen next. It was all very quiet we all just sat in the living room, thankfully the chasing had stopped.

We then had a quiet week, most of it spent on my housemate’s bed but he did not chase me, he would not have seen her trip so maybe he thought it was a wrestling move she was trying. It seemed to work for about three days.

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