diary for the week of 25th November 2012

I think we are trying something new these days, my housemate is sitting in the living room more, usually when she does this she shuts the boy cat in with her and I have the rest of the house and then every so often she will come and give me a cuddle.

On Sunday she went out most of the day but in the evening she put on the Brazilian F1 race, she lay on the couch and I slept on the back of the couch. Every so often she had to warn Bigfoot to leave me alone but he spent most of the time asleep on his cat tree (it used to be mine but it smells of him now)

On Monday night and Tuesday night it was the same routine, once she was home from work we were in the living room. For the first ten minutes or so of me being in the room he runs around from corner to corner making a funny howling noise, he then hangs upside down from the cat tree staring at me and then howling and then runs upstairs like a streak of lightening. He then seems to realise that I am comfortable and he can like it or lump it.

On Wednesday my housemate was home late and we just went up to the bedroom, I got to the toilet seat first whilst my housemate was in the bath so boy had to make do with prowling around the bath room floor. He chased the bubbles for a while but did not like me claiming the toilet seat, not that this bothered me I like it when I get the seat first because if he gets there he just intimidates me- he is too big- for anything!!!!

On Saturday night we were back on the couch again and we watched the Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, the Daniel Craig one not the one with subtitles. I would rather listen to the film with my eyes closed rather than have to read what everyone is saying.

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