diary for the week of 2nd December 2012

I have decided that I should take back the living room, it is cold outside these days and I am fed up sharing the bedroom every night with him whilst he tries to keep the living room for himself. Now when I say that I am taking the living room back I suppose I should clarify, I am sitting behind my housemate on the couch. She has kindly put a folded up throw on the back of the couch so that I can wrap myself around her neck while she reads.

This worked well Monday and Tuesday but on Wednesday he thought he had a chance, my housemate when out to make a cup of tea and he stepped on the couch, now he was nowhere near me but I knew his intentions were not good so I squealed and growled to make sure that my housemate saw him. As planned my housemate returned to the room and told him to keep his distance. He put this butter would not melt look but I am sure she is not really fooled.

On Friday we had a good evening watching a film, I got a lot of cuddles and he watched on but then he sat on the couch beside her and I was not sure what to do, I would have to go passed him to get out of the room so I decided to stay put. He was surprisingly calm and we both got Whiskas temptations to nibble on- well I nibbled he hoovered them up at speed.

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