week of 9th December 2012

My housemate says that this is her last work of week for a while so I reckon we are in for a massive attack of attention, I have my cute face ready and I am so glad that I have plucked up the courage to sit in the living room because then I know I will not be left out. On Sunday we had a great day sitting on the couch watching TV and reading.

The boy came too close a few times but rather than run off and head outside I decided that all I needed was to get higher than him. The cat tree was ideal, I could get up on a ledge and all he could do was sit below me whilst I took a swing at him, one of the best Sundays that I have had in ages. My housemate only stepped in when I actually hit him and she asked me not to hit his face, she lifted him away and he acted all floppy and flimsy. He has a very loud purr, he sounds like a diesel engine going up a hill.

On Monday we had another evening in the living room and I played with some of the toys which used to be mine before Big Foot claimed them all. I only lasted about one minute before he came running in the room like Wylie Coyote and just like Road Runner was out of there in a flash. I left him with a vacant expression as always.

On Tuesday night I was having a lovely cuddle with my housemate on the bed, we were getting ready to settle for the night when he jumped on the bed and bit her hand. I was glad that he got my housemate and not me but he only got told off and was allowed to sleep on the bed. We now have our positions all worked out, I sleep on the pillow beside her and he sleeps at her feet. It all works well until I want to go and eat some dinner and he chases me.

On Friday my housemate had a friend round and usually I would stay upstairs out of the way and let them get on with it but now I am back, so I spent the evening in the room too. Big Foot wanted to hassle me but I gave out a howl, took a swing at him and stood my ground. I sound quite ferocious when I start but if he was to turn on me I am not sure I would know what to do. I try and act like I am not frightened of him but I am a big softy and was not made for fighting.  I am just a lovable and cuddly cat but he makes me growl and hiss sometimes.

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