diary for the week of 23rd December 2012

On Sunday we had our usual lie in, well we get up at 7am, I pop out for a minute, boy gets fed and put in the living room and I come back in for my breakfast. We then go back to bed, my housemate and I and we have a cuddle whilst my housemate reads. We usually have about an hour before she feels sorry for Bigfoot but this week we had almost two hours because my housemate fell asleep.

There were guests on Sunday afternoon, pint sized and  half pint, the small ones played upstairs in the bedroom and the large one sat in the living room so I decided the living room was safest- until Bigfoot came downstairs too.

Monday started off badly, we went to the vets for my annual check-up and jags. I cried all the way in the car and then went very quiet when the vet saw me hoping that she would just let me go without looking at me. However she wanted a cuddle and gently checked me everywhere, she said I was gorgeous but still gave me a jag and cut my claws. She said it was a perfect start to the day as I was the first client, she commented on my beauty which pleased my housemate and yes, it pleased me too.

Tuesday we got our presents because we did the ‘Santa thing’ I got a nice new bed and Bigfoot got a remote controlled car. I did not really want a new bed and resisted it at first but my housemate put it on the pillow I sleep on and wow it was comfy!!! It is just the right size and lovely and soft. new bed

Don’t I look content? I fit in it perfectly so I think we can safely say that it is too small for Bigfoot.

On Wednesday my housemate and I spent time on the couch together, she lay down to read and listen to music and I sat in her lap getting the occasional cuddle- well very regular cuddle because every time I thought that she might have forgotten me I put my head up for a cuddle. The boy sat on the arm of the couch at my housemate’s feet and I was fine with that until he tried to lie beside us. I legged it upstairs to my new bed.

We had a nice lie-in on Thursday and then she went out but not before chasing an annoying black and white cat out of my garden. It keeps following me about and urinating in my garden. She had to chase it twice on Friday so I then got a few days of peace from it. The cat has a bell on his collar so it is easy to know when it is close by.

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