diary for the week of 30th December 2012

On Sunday we had a lovely day in, my housemate spent time on the laptop so I sat behind her on the couch, the season of goodwill is still with us and I have not been chased for almost a week. If I sit still he likes to sit close by and watch me and if my housemate is in the room I can walk around without being chased. But then along came Monday morning and I went down to use my litter tray and he would not give me peace. I rarely use it but it was 4am and I was desperate, luckily my housemate came downstairs and he ran in the living room so she shut him in there for the rest of the night.

He seemed to learn his lesson and he gave me peace again, we spent a lot of time in the living room, I was able to sit at the French doors with a nice little gap so I could sit inside, get lots of fresh air but not get wet. The day went well until about 8pm when my housemate went into the kitchen for a minute, he came from nowhere and so I jumped outside but he followed me. I jumped onto the decking railing and my housemate saw me and asked if I was coming back in I jumped into next door’s garden and I heard her shut the door. I was confused because usually Bigfoot is not allowed outside. Then I heard him crying and she opened the door- she was surprised to see him outside but then worked out what had happened. Bigfoot did not like the rain so luckily went straight back in, I waited half an hour and went back home. Mus and marley Dec 12

We have been getting on better, he chased me quite a lot on Wednesday morning between 6:30 and 7am but then my housemate got up and put him in his room and he came out all friendly. This was us on Thursday, I was playing and he was going to hassle me but I sat down and gave a nice low growl so he sat still instead. I don’t mind him being this close if my housemate is near because she tells him not to chase me when I want to move and he listens. The problem is now only when she is asleep so I usually wake her before I jump off the bed. Sometimes it can take about twenty minutes of licking her ears, her eyebrows, her eye lids and nose but it always works eventually.

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