week of 13th January 2013

Sunday morning lie in, don’t you just love them? The boy was in the living room so that my housemate and I could have a rest in peace. I love my bed, it is exactly the right size for me so that I can stretch out when I yawn.

The rest of the day was not as pleasant because when he was let out of the room he wanted to chase me, no matter how many times he was told to stop as soon as my housemate left the room I was the target. On Sunday night whilst my housemate was having her bath Bigfoot managed to knock the printer off the back of the table. It made a huge noise and he shot down the stairs as if he had done nothing.

My housemate spent all of Monday evening trying to get the printer going but she had no luck connecting it up to the laptop. On Tuesday evening I decided to help her take her mind off it and I left a bird on the bathroom floor for her for when she got home from work. I made sure it was easy to find by leaving a trail of feathers through the house and up the stairs. Once the bird was disposed of she went back to fixing the printer and life went on as before.

On Saturday I brought in a mouse but I got caught walking across the kitchen with it and I was asked to take it back outside. The mouse was dead so I just left it on the decking outside and my housemate put it in the bin.

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