week of 27th January 2012

This cold weather (and the annoying tom cat) make me want to stay in more so this means that I have to put up with Bigfoot. I have now found that if I am sitting still he leaves me alone, if I run he chases me and if I hiss he backs off. On Monday I was sitting having a wash in the bedroom and he ran out from under the bed towards me. I looked up and hissed at him and he ran back under the bed, I thought ‘good that’s him sorted’ I carried on washing and looked up at my housemate to make sure she noticed.

Then he did it again so I sat there and hissed, in all he ran at me four times but did nothing, I just thought what a pain. He went back under the bed so I jumped up on the bed to continue washing. He ran back out to where I had been but now I was above him and he jumped out of his skin when I hissed this time. My housemate laughed and called him a doughball. He looked startled and ran down the stairs.

On Wednesday we fought over who would sit on the edge of the bath whilst DSC_0313my housemate read her book. I eventually won but it was hard going, each time I sat still he came in the room and tried to stand on the edge of the bath too. He is so big and I didn’t want to fall in the water. Hopefully he got the message that he won’t always win just because he is huge.

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