week of 3rd February 2013

The mice are back out to play but I keep getting caught when I bring them in the house, my housemate seems to prefer them when they have already expired, she doesn’t seem to get that the fun is when they want to play. The chasing, throwing and catching is the best bit, I am only bringing them into to show her but they just get put in the bin.

The boy is still as annoying, wherever I sit he wants to sit and stare. He is sitting on the floor beside the couch.

DSC_0276 I try not to look at him but as you  can see from my ears I know he is there. He has taken to running at me and if I stand still he runs off and then comes back at me. I have no idea what goes on in his head I think he must sit and watch Looney Tune cartoons when he is on his own during the day.

On Thursday night my housemate had an early bath and it caught him out so I got in the bathroom first and sat on the toilet seat, as soon as he walked in I just growled and it took him about half an hour before he slouched in and sat on the bathroom mat. I feel brave when my housemate is in the room, I would have run a mile if it was just me and him.

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