week of 6th January 2013

We had a very lazy Sunday as my housemate was getting ready to start a new job, Bigfoot tried chasing me but I decided that the living room was mine so I slept on my housemate and he just had to get used to it. When I wanted to go out I just told my housemate and she ran the gauntlet for me. I jumped out the flap and he looked on, I could see his face at the flap so I sat just out of reach, safe in the knowledge that he cannot get me.

I chased a leaf for good measure so that he knew I was the clever one and he was the indoor cat. The week went back to normal then with Bigfoot in the living room during the day and me with the freedom of the house. I always meet my housemate either at her car or at the front door so I always get the first cuddle. She is home a lot earlier these days so quite often I am still having my afternoon nap on the bed when she comes home.

 DSC_0224This is now my favourite bed, I love it because it is exactly the right size for me and it is so soft. My housemate knows that if she wants to find me these days she just has to check our bedroom and there I am. The bed sits on a pillow so I can hear Bigfoot if he jumps on the bed and I am the right height to threaten to hit him- perfect.

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