week of the 20th January

With all this cold weather I have been staying home more, that and an annoying black and white tom cat who keeps following me everywhere. He keeps scenting my cat flap and then sits staring in at my kitchen. My housemate chases him off when she sees him but he is not scared of her because she never actually hurts him. On Sunday afternoon she chased him out of the garden so I ran after him too.

On Tuesday morning¬†Bigfoot chased me and I ran upstairs to the bedroom window, he kept prowling around below me so I jumped over him and ran to the kitchen but he chased me there¬† too. I was on the kitchen surface and jumped over him again and ran upstairs. I ran over my housemate who was lying in bed, I know it was only 6am but needs must. My housemate caught him as he ran over her and I was safe again. The big softee just started purring but I didn’t care I was able to go down and eat my dinner.

When he did the same to me on Wednesday morning I stopped in the corner and hissed at him, as he got nearer I threatened to hit him and it stopped him in his tracks.

On Friday night we spent the evening in the bedroom watching TV, it was much cosier than sitting in the living room and I got to sit closer to my housemate.

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