Diary for the week of 17th February 2013

I think it is time to find out if anyone does martial art classes for cats, Bigfoot is too big for a square, he has paws the size of dinner plates and a head the size of a football. I am less that half the size of him but I think a few judo moves would even things up. He now likes to run at me but if I just hiss and growl at him he walks away so that I think he is done and then he charges at me again.

I like night time though because I sleep on the pillow beside my housemate and he has the bottom of the bed. If he comes close i just growl and he turns around and goes back to his own bed. Sometimes my housemate sits between us and gives us a cuddle and some Whiskas Temptations. We both eat as quickly as we can in the hope of getting more and sometimes we do.

After the treats we both have a wash and settle down for the evening, I go to sleep thinking maybe he will leave me alone tomorrow but it never lasts, so it’s an on-line search for a martial arts class, maybe Carate.

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