Diary for the week of 17th March 2013

My housemate has had that flu like virus that has been doing the rounds and she has not bothered with the laptop so I have had to use paper and pen- how dated is that?

We did not get up early and watch the Formula 1 on Sunday, I am not sure whether it is for financial reasons or not. I know the sports channels are overpriced so it could be a stand she is taking- or a lack or organisational skills and she has not ordered it soon enough. Our cupboard is just as full and the cooked chicken is still getting dished up so the finances must be fine.

On Monday night I brought a mouse home but Big Foot took it off me, I went up to tell my housemate who was in the bath. At first she seemed to think I was saying that I was hungry and she was in no hurry to get out of the bath, but eventually she realised that there was more to it and she went downstairs and took the mouse off him.

On Tuesday night I brought a mouse home but again he took and my housemate was in the bath. She seemed to catch on quicker that he had my mouse and she went downstairs. I ran at him and he dropped the mouse and it ran in the cupboard. My housemate then realised that the mouse was alive, she opened the cupboard door and moved things out of my way and asked me to get the mouse.

At this point I knew I was the favourite, she held him back and wanted me to catch my mouse. Of course I found the mouse although the cupboard was almost empty at this point and I came out with the mouse. Big Foot broke free and I jumped and the mouse fell to the floor, I am not sure what happened next but it seemed that the mouse ended up in my housemate’s hands. She sat there with her hands clasped as if she was at a bit of a loss so Big Foot and I sat waiting to see who she would give the mouse to but instead she put it in a box and then took it outside. I don’t understand her sometimes, the mouse had a lot of playing in it but there we were empty handed so I went and ate my dinner.

On Wednesday night my housemate waited until I was in before she went for a bath but I came back with nothing. She went for her bath and I sat on the toilet seat and unraveled the toilet roll. I figured if I can’t have a mouse to play with I would mess up the toilet roll and then we would be even. Of course I had no mess to clear up and she had to tidy up a whole roll of toilet paper but I gave her a cuddle and we were all square again.

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