Diary for the week of 24th February 2013


I am not sure what the occasion is but today Bigfoot got a play mat and I got a new bed. It is a scratch post and a bed and the good news is that Bigfoot does not fit in it. For the first few days we both used it as a scratch post and we had a few growling battles because he thinks it is his, but then he thinks everything is his.

Then on Wednesday when he was in his room and my housemate and I were getting her ready for work she showed me that it was a bed too. It is lovely and comfy and does not smell of boy. Everything in this house smells of him, he sleeps in all my beds except for the one on the pillow. He even uses my night time emergency litter tray, every time my housemate cleans it because he has used it he just does it again. Luckily I have good bladder control and I wait until the morning.

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