week of 10th February 2013

Well what excitement, I was playing upstairs and Bigfoot was leaving me alone so I figured he was probably eating. The window cleaner came to the door so I stayed out of the way because it was cold out. Once he had gone away I went downstairs to find out if anything interesting was going on because Bigfoot was still very quiet.

My housemate greeted me with ‘ oh it’s you!’ not a greeting I am used to, so I gave her some back chat but she ran passed me and started calling Marley, she then came downstairs still calling him but there was silence. She put a jumper on and grabbed the torch, it was only 6:30 pm but it was dark. She went out the back so I walked with her whilst she continued calling him, but there was no sound coming back. I heard some rustling in next door’s garden so I jumped on the fence but she did not follow me.

She walked around to the front garden still calling him, I could tell by her tone that she was worried, it’s the voice she uses at 1 am when I am out mousing only she was louder today. Boy came walking up the neighbour’s path, looking a bit scared. He ran to my housemate and started purring so I jumped up on the wall but he did not even notice me.

He ran back in the front door and I ran in behind them, I saw he was all right and decided to go and play for a while. I think he had jumped down into the neighbour’s garden but could not work out how to jump back up. He is not as nimble as me, a six foot fence is nothing if you want to hunt and prowl- and get away from foxes- that was a close call.

On Wednesday night I was on the shed roof watching for mice when I heard a fox howling, I then saw the fox below the shed and was not sure if I was going to be able to get passed it to get home. It was 11:30 pm and not much chance of passing traffic. Luckily my housemate either heard or saw what was going on and opened the back door and shouted on me, the fox ran and I jumped down and ran in the house. I gave my housemate a big cuddle because I am not a fighter and did not fancy taking on the fox.

I had my dinner and then went upstairs because my housemate was in the bath and I sat on the edge of the bath and chatted to her about my day and had a lot more cuddling. Bigfoot tried to come in the bathroom but I was not for messing with,

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