diary for the week 24th March 2013

We have been spending a lot of time in the bedroom lately, mt housemate is not asleep but she is not doing very much. I think she has turned into a cat, our mission here is nearly complete! I have been tolerating big Foot lately, if I am sitting still he leaves me alone and we can lie each side of my housemate and have  a cuddle.

He likes to run at me but I have perfected a high pitch growl and just in case he still feels brave I swing my paw in the direction of his face. My housemate keeps reminding me he is a pretty boy and to leave his face out of it but when it comes to safety I think I will hit where ever is closest, if he gets marked well that’s life.

There is a blue tit nesting in our over flow pipe again, all the materials are being taken in to build the nest so it must be baby bird season soon. I know it sounds cruel but I am a cat and I am most definitely a hunter, it is just the way it is supposed to be. If I don’t at least try the cat from down the street will move in on my territory and by the looks of him the last thing he needs is anything else to eat, although the exercise would do him good.


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