week of 31st March 2013

My housemate is still spending a lot of time either lazying on the couch or lying in bed, I think the transformation to cat is almost complete. Instead of just lying and listening to music though there has been more reading so I think she is fighting it. I still have a lot of hope that we will all be happy cats living together.

Bigfoot is testing my patience, every night just before 4am he finds his nosiest toys and brings them upstairs to play with. He squeaks and squawks and thinks he is the cleverest boy cat ever ( not a lot of competition in that area). 20130410_124547We get woken up and sometimes my housemate has to take whatever he is playing with off him, especially if it is string, breakable or her underwear. He then starts chewing on the edge of the carpet and pulls long bits of thread off to chew. Someone held back some brain cells when they put him together. I sit quietly and accept my cuddle and then we both get some Whiskas Temptations so it’s not all bad.

By about 5:30 am he is ready to settle back to sleep and I like to go out at about 6am. This means that my housemate spends quite a lot of time awake during the night which should help her develop her cat senses.

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