about me

My name is Muska, my pedigree name is Misty Heather Jacawaca but my friends call me Muska. I live in a house with my housemate, I enjoyed being an only cat because I had the whole house and garden to myself and I was always in charge. That has changed now because a young upstart has moved in, I am still the boss but I have to watch out for him all the time. He has only been here a week so I have not taught him the rules yet.


 This was me when I was only a few weeks old, cute, I hear you say. I was three months old when I moved in with my housemate.


I did not go outside until after I had been neutered so when I first went in the garden it was snowing. I loved the snow, I enjoyed making footprints and trying to catch snowflakes. Each time I caught one it disappeared a great trick that I have nearly mastered myself, the only thing that lets me down is that when I disappear behind a chair or a door my tail gives me away.

Since I am a Maine Coon my tail  is as long as my body, I am very  proud of my tail.

I hope you enjoy my diary and musings on my pages,

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