week of 7th April 2013

Sunday was a nice quiet day, my housemate tried some 3D nail varnish which made quite a mess so there was some early morning hoovering. Bigfoot and I had a nail file each which we did not give back because they taste great. I supervised the hoovering whilst Bigfoot hid under the bed.

stairsWe hoovered downstairs as well and then I inspected the stair case to make sure that all of his hair had been picked up. I think some of my hair was on the stairs as well where he chased me and clipped by back end with his massive paws. I almost caught him on the cheek but put more effort into running away then aiming. He got my point and knew I meant business so alls well that ends well.

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week of 31st March 2013

My housemate is still spending a lot of time either lazying on the couch or lying in bed, I think the transformation to cat is almost complete. Instead of just lying and listening to music though there has been more reading so I think she is fighting it. I still have a lot of hope that we will all be happy cats living together.

Bigfoot is testing my patience, every night just before 4am he finds his nosiest toys and brings them upstairs to play with. He squeaks and squawks and thinks he is the cleverest boy cat ever ( not a lot of competition in that area). 20130410_124547We get woken up and sometimes my housemate has to take whatever he is playing with off him, especially if it is string, breakable or her underwear. He then starts chewing on the edge of the carpet and pulls long bits of thread off to chew. Someone held back some brain cells when they put him together. I sit quietly and accept my cuddle and then we both get some Whiskas Temptations so it’s not all bad.

By about 5:30 am he is ready to settle back to sleep and I like to go out at about 6am. This means that my housemate spends quite a lot of time awake during the night which should help her develop her cat senses.

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diary for the week 24th March 2013

We have been spending a lot of time in the bedroom lately, mt housemate is not asleep but she is not doing very much. I think she has turned into a cat, our mission here is nearly complete! I have been tolerating big Foot lately, if I am sitting still he leaves me alone and we can lie each side of my housemate and have  a cuddle.

He likes to run at me but I have perfected a high pitch growl and just in case he still feels brave I swing my paw in the direction of his face. My housemate keeps reminding me he is a pretty boy and to leave his face out of it but when it comes to safety I think I will hit where ever is closest, if he gets marked well that’s life.

There is a blue tit nesting in our over flow pipe again, all the materials are being taken in to build the nest so it must be baby bird season soon. I know it sounds cruel but I am a cat and I am most definitely a hunter, it is just the way it is supposed to be. If I don’t at least try the cat from down the street will move in on my territory and by the looks of him the last thing he needs is anything else to eat, although the exercise would do him good.


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Diary for the week of 17th March 2013

My housemate has had that flu like virus that has been doing the rounds and she has not bothered with the laptop so I have had to use paper and pen- how dated is that?

We did not get up early and watch the Formula 1 on Sunday, I am not sure whether it is for financial reasons or not. I know the sports channels are overpriced so it could be a stand she is taking- or a lack or organisational skills and she has not ordered it soon enough. Our cupboard is just as full and the cooked chicken is still getting dished up so the finances must be fine.

On Monday night I brought a mouse home but Big Foot took it off me, I went up to tell my housemate who was in the bath. At first she seemed to think I was saying that I was hungry and she was in no hurry to get out of the bath, but eventually she realised that there was more to it and she went downstairs and took the mouse off him.

On Tuesday night I brought a mouse home but again he took and my housemate was in the bath. She seemed to catch on quicker that he had my mouse and she went downstairs. I ran at him and he dropped the mouse and it ran in the cupboard. My housemate then realised that the mouse was alive, she opened the cupboard door and moved things out of my way and asked me to get the mouse.

At this point I knew I was the favourite, she held him back and wanted me to catch my mouse. Of course I found the mouse although the cupboard was almost empty at this point and I came out with the mouse. Big Foot broke free and I jumped and the mouse fell to the floor, I am not sure what happened next but it seemed that the mouse ended up in my housemate’s hands. She sat there with her hands clasped as if she was at a bit of a loss so Big Foot and I sat waiting to see who she would give the mouse to but instead she put it in a box and then took it outside. I don’t understand her sometimes, the mouse had a lot of playing in it but there we were empty handed so I went and ate my dinner.

On Wednesday night my housemate waited until I was in before she went for a bath but I came back with nothing. She went for her bath and I sat on the toilet seat and unraveled the toilet roll. I figured if I can’t have a mouse to play with I would mess up the toilet roll and then we would be even. Of course I had no mess to clear up and she had to tidy up a whole roll of toilet paper but I gave her a cuddle and we were all square again.

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Diary for the week of 24th February 2013


I am not sure what the occasion is but today Bigfoot got a play mat and I got a new bed. It is a scratch post and a bed and the good news is that Bigfoot does not fit in it. For the first few days we both used it as a scratch post and we had a few growling battles because he thinks it is his, but then he thinks everything is his.

Then on Wednesday when he was in his room and my housemate and I were getting her ready for work she showed me that it was a bed too. It is lovely and comfy and does not smell of boy. Everything in this house smells of him, he sleeps in all my beds except for the one on the pillow. He even uses my night time emergency litter tray, every time my housemate cleans it because he has used it he just does it again. Luckily I have good bladder control and I wait until the morning.

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Diary for the week of 17th February 2013

I think it is time to find out if anyone does martial art classes for cats, Bigfoot is too big for a square, he has paws the size of dinner plates and a head the size of a football. I am less that half the size of him but I think a few judo moves would even things up. He now likes to run at me but if I just hiss and growl at him he walks away so that I think he is done and then he charges at me again.

I like night time though because I sleep on the pillow beside my housemate and he has the bottom of the bed. If he comes close i just growl and he turns around and goes back to his own bed. Sometimes my housemate sits between us and gives us a cuddle and some Whiskas Temptations. We both eat as quickly as we can in the hope of getting more and sometimes we do.

After the treats we both have a wash and settle down for the evening, I go to sleep thinking maybe he will leave me alone tomorrow but it never lasts, so it’s an on-line search for a martial arts class, maybe Carate.

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week of 10th February 2013

Well what excitement, I was playing upstairs and Bigfoot was leaving me alone so I figured he was probably eating. The window cleaner came to the door so I stayed out of the way because it was cold out. Once he had gone away I went downstairs to find out if anything interesting was going on because Bigfoot was still very quiet.

My housemate greeted me with ‘ oh it’s you!’ not a greeting I am used to, so I gave her some back chat but she ran passed me and started calling Marley, she then came downstairs still calling him but there was silence. She put a jumper on and grabbed the torch, it was only 6:30 pm but it was dark. She went out the back so I walked with her whilst she continued calling him, but there was no sound coming back. I heard some rustling in next door’s garden so I jumped on the fence but she did not follow me.

She walked around to the front garden still calling him, I could tell by her tone that she was worried, it’s the voice she uses at 1 am when I am out mousing only she was louder today. Boy came walking up the neighbour’s path, looking a bit scared. He ran to my housemate and started purring so I jumped up on the wall but he did not even notice me.

He ran back in the front door and I ran in behind them, I saw he was all right and decided to go and play for a while. I think he had jumped down into the neighbour’s garden but could not work out how to jump back up. He is not as nimble as me, a six foot fence is nothing if you want to hunt and prowl- and get away from foxes- that was a close call.

On Wednesday night I was on the shed roof watching for mice when I heard a fox howling, I then saw the fox below the shed and was not sure if I was going to be able to get passed it to get home. It was 11:30 pm and not much chance of passing traffic. Luckily my housemate either heard or saw what was going on and opened the back door and shouted on me, the fox ran and I jumped down and ran in the house. I gave my housemate a big cuddle because I am not a fighter and did not fancy taking on the fox.

I had my dinner and then went upstairs because my housemate was in the bath and I sat on the edge of the bath and chatted to her about my day and had a lot more cuddling. Bigfoot tried to come in the bathroom but I was not for messing with,

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week of 3rd February 2013

The mice are back out to play but I keep getting caught when I bring them in the house, my housemate seems to prefer them when they have already expired, she doesn’t seem to get that the fun is when they want to play. The chasing, throwing and catching is the best bit, I am only bringing them into to show her but they just get put in the bin.

The boy is still as annoying, wherever I sit he wants to sit and stare. He is sitting on the floor beside the couch.

DSC_0276 I try not to look at him but as you  can see from my ears I know he is there. He has taken to running at me and if I stand still he runs off and then comes back at me. I have no idea what goes on in his head I think he must sit and watch Looney Tune cartoons when he is on his own during the day.

On Thursday night my housemate had an early bath and it caught him out so I got in the bathroom first and sat on the toilet seat, as soon as he walked in I just growled and it took him about half an hour before he slouched in and sat on the bathroom mat. I feel brave when my housemate is in the room, I would have run a mile if it was just me and him.

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