week of 27th January 2012

This cold weather (and the annoying tom cat) make me want to stay in more so this means that I have to put up with Bigfoot. I have now found that if I am sitting still he leaves me alone, if I run he chases me and if I hiss he backs off. On Monday I was sitting having a wash in the bedroom and he ran out from under the bed towards me. I looked up and hissed at him and he ran back under the bed, I thought ‘good that’s him sorted’ I carried on washing and looked up at my housemate to make sure she noticed.

Then he did it again so I sat there and hissed, in all he ran at me four times but did nothing, I just thought what a pain. He went back under the bed so I jumped up on the bed to continue washing. He ran back out to where I had been but now I was above him and he jumped out of his skin when I hissed this time. My housemate laughed and called him a doughball. He looked startled and ran down the stairs.

On Wednesday we fought over who would sit on the edge of the bath whilst DSC_0313my housemate read her book. I eventually won but it was hard going, each time I sat still he came in the room and tried to stand on the edge of the bath too. He is so big and I didn’t want to fall in the water. Hopefully he got the message that he won’t always win just because he is huge.

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week of the 20th January

With all this cold weather I have been staying home more, that and an annoying black and white tom cat who keeps following me everywhere. He keeps scenting my cat flap and then sits staring in at my kitchen. My housemate chases him off when she sees him but he is not scared of her because she never actually hurts him. On Sunday afternoon she chased him out of the garden so I ran after him too.

On Tuesday morning Bigfoot chased me and I ran upstairs to the bedroom window, he kept prowling around below me so I jumped over him and ran to the kitchen but he chased me there  too. I was on the kitchen surface and jumped over him again and ran upstairs. I ran over my housemate who was lying in bed, I know it was only 6am but needs must. My housemate caught him as he ran over her and I was safe again. The big softee just started purring but I didn’t care I was able to go down and eat my dinner.

When he did the same to me on Wednesday morning I stopped in the corner and hissed at him, as he got nearer I threatened to hit him and it stopped him in his tracks.

On Friday night we spent the evening in the bedroom watching TV, it was much cosier than sitting in the living room and I got to sit closer to my housemate.

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week of 13th January 2013

Sunday morning lie in, don’t you just love them? The boy was in the living room so that my housemate and I could have a rest in peace. I love my bed, it is exactly the right size for me so that I can stretch out when I yawn.

The rest of the day was not as pleasant because when he was let out of the room he wanted to chase me, no matter how many times he was told to stop as soon as my housemate left the room I was the target. On Sunday night whilst my housemate was having her bath Bigfoot managed to knock the printer off the back of the table. It made a huge noise and he shot down the stairs as if he had done nothing.

My housemate spent all of Monday evening trying to get the printer going but she had no luck connecting it up to the laptop. On Tuesday evening I decided to help her take her mind off it and I left a bird on the bathroom floor for her for when she got home from work. I made sure it was easy to find by leaving a trail of feathers through the house and up the stairs. Once the bird was disposed of she went back to fixing the printer and life went on as before.

On Saturday I brought in a mouse but I got caught walking across the kitchen with it and I was asked to take it back outside. The mouse was dead so I just left it on the decking outside and my housemate put it in the bin.

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week of 6th January 2013

We had a very lazy Sunday as my housemate was getting ready to start a new job, Bigfoot tried chasing me but I decided that the living room was mine so I slept on my housemate and he just had to get used to it. When I wanted to go out I just told my housemate and she ran the gauntlet for me. I jumped out the flap and he looked on, I could see his face at the flap so I sat just out of reach, safe in the knowledge that he cannot get me.

I chased a leaf for good measure so that he knew I was the clever one and he was the indoor cat. The week went back to normal then with Bigfoot in the living room during the day and me with the freedom of the house. I always meet my housemate either at her car or at the front door so I always get the first cuddle. She is home a lot earlier these days so quite often I am still having my afternoon nap on the bed when she comes home.

 DSC_0224This is now my favourite bed, I love it because it is exactly the right size for me and it is so soft. My housemate knows that if she wants to find me these days she just has to check our bedroom and there I am. The bed sits on a pillow so I can hear Bigfoot if he jumps on the bed and I am the right height to threaten to hit him- perfect.

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diary for the week of 30th December 2012

On Sunday we had a lovely day in, my housemate spent time on the laptop so I sat behind her on the couch, the season of goodwill is still with us and I have not been chased for almost a week. If I sit still he likes to sit close by and watch me and if my housemate is in the room I can walk around without being chased. But then along came Monday morning and I went down to use my litter tray and he would not give me peace. I rarely use it but it was 4am and I was desperate, luckily my housemate came downstairs and he ran in the living room so she shut him in there for the rest of the night.

He seemed to learn his lesson and he gave me peace again, we spent a lot of time in the living room, I was able to sit at the French doors with a nice little gap so I could sit inside, get lots of fresh air but not get wet. The day went well until about 8pm when my housemate went into the kitchen for a minute, he came from nowhere and so I jumped outside but he followed me. I jumped onto the decking railing and my housemate saw me and asked if I was coming back in I jumped into next door’s garden and I heard her shut the door. I was confused because usually Bigfoot is not allowed outside. Then I heard him crying and she opened the door- she was surprised to see him outside but then worked out what had happened. Bigfoot did not like the rain so luckily went straight back in, I waited half an hour and went back home. Mus and marley Dec 12

We have been getting on better, he chased me quite a lot on Wednesday morning between 6:30 and 7am but then my housemate got up and put him in his room and he came out all friendly. This was us on Thursday, I was playing and he was going to hassle me but I sat down and gave a nice low growl so he sat still instead. I don’t mind him being this close if my housemate is near because she tells him not to chase me when I want to move and he listens. The problem is now only when she is asleep so I usually wake her before I jump off the bed. Sometimes it can take about twenty minutes of licking her ears, her eyebrows, her eye lids and nose but it always works eventually.

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diary for the week of 23rd December 2012

On Sunday we had our usual lie in, well we get up at 7am, I pop out for a minute, boy gets fed and put in the living room and I come back in for my breakfast. We then go back to bed, my housemate and I and we have a cuddle whilst my housemate reads. We usually have about an hour before she feels sorry for Bigfoot but this week we had almost two hours because my housemate fell asleep.

There were guests on Sunday afternoon, pint sized and  half pint, the small ones played upstairs in the bedroom and the large one sat in the living room so I decided the living room was safest- until Bigfoot came downstairs too.

Monday started off badly, we went to the vets for my annual check-up and jags. I cried all the way in the car and then went very quiet when the vet saw me hoping that she would just let me go without looking at me. However she wanted a cuddle and gently checked me everywhere, she said I was gorgeous but still gave me a jag and cut my claws. She said it was a perfect start to the day as I was the first client, she commented on my beauty which pleased my housemate and yes, it pleased me too.

Tuesday we got our presents because we did the ‘Santa thing’ I got a nice new bed and Bigfoot got a remote controlled car. I did not really want a new bed and resisted it at first but my housemate put it on the pillow I sleep on and wow it was comfy!!! It is just the right size and lovely and soft. new bed

Don’t I look content? I fit in it perfectly so I think we can safely say that it is too small for Bigfoot.

On Wednesday my housemate and I spent time on the couch together, she lay down to read and listen to music and I sat in her lap getting the occasional cuddle- well very regular cuddle because every time I thought that she might have forgotten me I put my head up for a cuddle. The boy sat on the arm of the couch at my housemate’s feet and I was fine with that until he tried to lie beside us. I legged it upstairs to my new bed.

We had a nice lie-in on Thursday and then she went out but not before chasing an annoying black and white cat out of my garden. It keeps following me about and urinating in my garden. She had to chase it twice on Friday so I then got a few days of peace from it. The cat has a bell on his collar so it is easy to know when it is close by.

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diary for the week of 16th December 2012

Well what a week, my housemate spent the day in the house on Monday and I slept on her lap as she lay on the couch, she was reading but that was fine because all I had to do was put my head up in front of her book and I got lots of cuddles. Sometimes she thought I was ready to go back to sleep and would start reading again but that was fine I just put my head up again and the cuddling resumed.

On Tuesday we all sat in the living room and then we all went upstairs to wrap the Christmas presents, I could not find my present but believe me I made a thorough search. Big Foot learnt that sticky tape might be cheaper than wax but it is just as affective at hair removal. He howled but didn’t learn his lesson, he still kept sticky his nose and tail and shoulders and everything in the way. I was kind of hoping that she would wrap him up and give away to someone but no such luck.

All week we have had lots of cuddles, shared the bed at night times and the living room through the day. It is not all perfect, he still chases me when I try and walk up or down the stairs- or rather hurtle down the stairs at ninety miles an hour with a beast running behind me. On Saturday the Christmas decorations were put up, most of them out of reach of the boy cat, I still like to play but I am better behaved than him. He would not leave the fibre optic tree alone, he kept biting bits of it so it was stashed behind the TV and teddies were set up in front of it.

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week of 9th December 2012

My housemate says that this is her last work of week for a while so I reckon we are in for a massive attack of attention, I have my cute face ready and I am so glad that I have plucked up the courage to sit in the living room because then I know I will not be left out. On Sunday we had a great day sitting on the couch watching TV and reading.

The boy came too close a few times but rather than run off and head outside I decided that all I needed was to get higher than him. The cat tree was ideal, I could get up on a ledge and all he could do was sit below me whilst I took a swing at him, one of the best Sundays that I have had in ages. My housemate only stepped in when I actually hit him and she asked me not to hit his face, she lifted him away and he acted all floppy and flimsy. He has a very loud purr, he sounds like a diesel engine going up a hill.

On Monday we had another evening in the living room and I played with some of the toys which used to be mine before Big Foot claimed them all. I only lasted about one minute before he came running in the room like Wylie Coyote and just like Road Runner was out of there in a flash. I left him with a vacant expression as always.

On Tuesday night I was having a lovely cuddle with my housemate on the bed, we were getting ready to settle for the night when he jumped on the bed and bit her hand. I was glad that he got my housemate and not me but he only got told off and was allowed to sleep on the bed. We now have our positions all worked out, I sleep on the pillow beside her and he sleeps at her feet. It all works well until I want to go and eat some dinner and he chases me.

On Friday my housemate had a friend round and usually I would stay upstairs out of the way and let them get on with it but now I am back, so I spent the evening in the room too. Big Foot wanted to hassle me but I gave out a howl, took a swing at him and stood my ground. I sound quite ferocious when I start but if he was to turn on me I am not sure I would know what to do. I try and act like I am not frightened of him but I am a big softy and was not made for fighting.  I am just a lovable and cuddly cat but he makes me growl and hiss sometimes.

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